Everything so far...

Malcolm Garrett, 06 March 2019

We have so far mounted three #Everything150 expeditions gathering a selection of Contemporary Archaeology in Finsbury Park. On each of the first Sunday mornings of the first three months in 2019, a small but ever-growing team of community 'archaeologists' has set out across the park to look for interesting items discarded or lost by park visitors. They have collected a varied and eclectic range of things – from the expected cans, bottles and bottle tops to wrappers, labels and stickers. A suprising number of coins, and even a lost padlock were in amongst the haul of treasure last Sunday.

The expeditions are above all a fun and communal way to walk and enjoy the park on a Sunday morning, whether it be sunny or as was last Sunday a little bit blustery. The aim of the exercise is to collect and photograph objects across the park, creating an alternative record of what is found in the park, how it reflects contemporary life, and over the year building up to a comprehensive view that will be of interest to future generations.

Everyone is welcome to join the expeditions. The next one will be on Sunday 7 April, setting off from Finsbury Gate at 11.30am.  Come and join the team!