2NQ : what’s in a name?

Malcolm Garrett, 02 February 2019

We settled on 2NQ as an ideal name for the team of people developing a programme of events to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of Finsbury Park, as it relates directly to where the park is located within the N4 area of London.

Although listed as not currently active by the Royal Mail postcode finder, the N4 2NQ postcode falls within one of the larger of four postcode ‘sectors’ associated with the park. It is therefore eminently Finsbury Park-oriented and does not have any potentially confusing associations with other locations outside the park.

It is short and memorable, and we think it is intriguing. It is also neutral but generic to the park.

Happily we found that it could be readily registered as a web address too.  

Look up N4 2NQ on Google maps or Citymapper and see where it takes you!