Kasper de Graaf, 25 July 2019

Between the café and the lake right in the centre of Finsbury Park, 10 large A-frames present a preview exhibition of images and stories from the rich and radical heritage of this People’s Park, which was created to alleviate the conditions of the working class in 1869.

The preview exhibition... more

Simon Poulter, 24 June 2019

We invite everyone to join us for a special edition of #Everything150 on Sunday 7 July at 11.30am in Finsbury Park. We will meet at the Endymion Road entrance of the park, which is on the Stroud Green side.

For those still new to Everything, this is a contemporary archaeology project where we collect things we find in Finsbury Park across a whole year.... more

Malcolm Garrett, 16 June 2019

On every first Sunday of the month since the beginning of 2019 a few interepid explorers have set off on an #Everything150 expedition, gathering and documenting the (often curious) objects found discarded across Finsbury Park.

Sunday 2 June was a particularly beautiful day for a walk in the park, and we were joined for the first time by curators from the Museum of... more

Kasper de Graaf, 20 May 2019

The Friends of Finsbury Park are planning to revise the very successful book “A Park for Finsbury” to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Finsbury Park. Chair of the Friends Simon Hunt invites contributions from all who use and love the Park to fund this exciting book. Writer Hugh Hayes is keen to add to the research he did for the first edition... more

Kasper de Graaf, 16 May 2019

The Finsbury Park Calendar is launched today with an ambition to provide a single place online to find out what is going on in the park. It helps promote not only the events and activities listed in... more

Thea Behrman, 10 May 2019

Time Portals exhibition opened at Furtherfield Gallery last night and is open every weekend 11am – 5pm till 20 October 2019. Located in the middle of Finsbury Park, next to the children's play area, the exhibition is inspired by American sci fi writer Octavia E Butler. It invites visitors to imagine alternative histories, possible futures and to rethink time itself... more

Jo Roach, 9 May 2019

A note about Pedal Power from the Founder, Jo Roach BEM
facebook: pedalpowerfinsbury

My daughter Suzie is a keen cyclist, but as she has learning difficulties, we... more

Simon Poulter, 15 March 2019

An informal discussion group, the Community Board, has been set up by 2NQ to capture the practical and creative input of the large number of community groups & organisations, and their members, from across the park, in the planning of events and activities celebrating this 150th anniversary year of Finsbury Park.   

To... more

Malcolm Garrett, 10 March 2019

The first People’s Platform took to the park a week ago on the 3rd of March, on what was a somewhat blustery and rainy Sunday morning in Finsbury Park. On a simple, portable platform constructed so that it can easily be wheeled to a variety of different locations across the park, it provides a literal platform for local singers, musicians and artists to perform al fresco to the... more

Malcolm Garrett, 6 March 2019

We have so far mounted three #Everything150 expeditions gathering a selection of Contemporary Archaeology in Finsbury Park. On each of the first Sunday mornings of the first three months in 2019, a small but ever-growing team of community 'archaeologists' has set out across the park to look for interesting items discarded or lost by park visitors. They have collected a varied... more

Thea Behrman, 26 February 2019

We are delighted that the performers for the inaugural People's Platform performances on Sunday 3 March have now been announced.

BaggE will be at Finsbury Gate at 2.30pm
Check BaggE out here.

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Thea Behrman, 25 February 2019

We are inviting artists to perform on the People’s Platform, a mobile space for the people of the three boroughs (Hackney, Haringey and Islington) to perform and celebrate the 150th anniversary of Finsbury Park. It will be fun, diverse and engaging. We will include other acts across all artforms from London, as the project progresses.

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Thea Behrman, 8 February 2019

Finsbury Park is 150 years old in 2019
As one of the original People's Parks of London, Finsbury Park was created following a petition for a park to alleviate conditions of the poor. 150 years on in 2019, 2NQ (a local partnership organisation) seeks to revive the concept of a People’s Park through a cultural and heritage programme offering many ways for everyone... more

Kasper de Graaf, 4 February 2019

2NQ is a not-for-profit organisation set up to work with the stakeholders and communities of Finsbury Park to improve the usability and enjoyment of the Park for local residents and visitors. Our first project is to collaborate on a programme of arts, culture and heritage events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Finsbury Park in 2019.

... more

Malcolm Garrett, 2 February 2019

We settled on 2NQ as an ideal name for the team of people developing a programme of events to celebrate the 150-year anniversary of Finsbury Park, as it relates directly to where the park is located within the N4 area of London.

Although listed as not currently active by the Royal Mail postcode finder, the N4 2NQ... more